Chilli & Vodka by Tiina Tauraite is made from domestic organic spirit and chilli peppers
grown in Estonia.

It is a handicraft product with no additional flavourings or colourings and with the ardour of the vodka created using „alive”, not dried peppers. Fresh peppers also provide the vodka with a „green grass” aroma and a sweetness followed by a warm aftertaste.

The vodka is manufactured according to Tiina Tauraite’s unique recipe from peppers grown by Tiina Tauraite.
Every year in the autumn, a vintage year of vodka is manufactured with its taste depending specifically on the site conditions, temperature, sunny and rainy days that affected the chilli peppers of that particular year.
The chilli peppers of 2015 are especially aromatic, pleasantly shadowing the alcohol scent.
In sum, Chilli & Vodka is a unique and exotic flavour combination that delights every chilli enthusiast.

Serving tip: drink as an aperitif or at the first signs of a cold at room temperature.
Cocktail tip: make a Bloody Mary using Chilli & Vodka, adding tomato juice and a lemon slice to the vodka.

Chilli & Vodka by Tiina Tauraite
Vol. 40%, 500 ml