You can download my resume HERE

Based in Estonia, Tallinn

 Height: 170cm / 5'7"

 Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

Languages: Estonian(mother tongue), Russian(fluent), English (fluent), Finnish(basic)

Skills: dancing (different styles), swimming, car/tractor driving.

Judith Weston workshop on directing actors
Anthony Montes (USA) Classes on Meisner Technique (2020-2021)
The Drama School at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre bachelor (1994-1998) actor



2022 shooting starts July-August “Biwa lake’s 8 faces” prod: Allfilm,
director: Marko Raat
2023 “Invisible fight” director: Rainer Sarnet (shooting in progress)
2021 “Days without” student film director: Ivar Yeoman
2021 “Vaino Vahingu päevaraamat” director: Rainer Sarnet

2019 "Sandra saab tööd" Feature film (supporting), director Kaupo Kruusiauk
2019 "Virago" Feature film (lead), director: Kerli Kirch, production Diana Mikita/ Nafta Films
2019 "Värvid must-valgel" Short (lead), director: German Golub
2018 "True" Feature film (supporting), director: Marta Pulk, production: KinosaurusFilm
2016 "Kala-kala" Feature film (supporting), director: Anton Bilzo, production: Esko Rips/ Nafta Films
2016 "The Spy and the Poet" Feature film (supporting), director: Toomas Hussar, production: Ivo Felt/ Allfilm

2016 "They Say Tomatoes Love Rock Music" Feature film (supporting), director: Janno Jürgens , production: AlastiKino

2011 "Letters to Angel" Feature film (supporting) director: Sulev Keedus, production: F-Seitse/ Kaie-Ene Rääk

2007 “Autumn Ball” Feature film (supporting)

Theatre (Recent performances):

2019: “Jaik” Tanja, director: Peeter Jalakas, Von Krahli Teater 2017: “The Kindly Ones”, director: Tiit Ojasoo, Teater NO99 2016: “Paradiis”, Von Krahli Teater

TV :

2021 “Kes tappis Otto Mülleri?” (recurring) NENT / Viaplay 

2021 “Reetur” TV Serial (recurring) director : Ove Musting 

2021 “Kättemaksukontor” (guest star) director: Ain Prosa

2018 "The Bank" TV Serial (recurring) director: Marianne Kõrver, Rainer Sarnet, Juhan Ulfsak, Jan-Erik Nõgisto, production: Paul Aguraiuja Itamambuca
2017 "Lõks" TV Serial (recurring) director: Indrek Simm, Cuba Films 2012 "Elu keset linna" TV Serial (recurring)

Link to Estonian Film Database:



2008 Estonian Theatre Award of the year Best supporting actor for Maša in Tchekov / Smeds “Seagull”
2012 Estonian Theatre Award of the year Best supporting actor for maid in F.Lorca “Dona Rosita The Spinster”

2014 Estonian Theatre Award special award for “Tiina Tauraite’s Tractor”